Most of us are not left handed however in vertical caving you should use a left-handed hand ascender anyway. If you're looking for a non handled solution you can use a chest ascender here too.

why exactly is a left-handed ascender recommended?


Short answer:

1 - Chest ascender opens to the right =>

2 - Cow's tail is on the left side of the croll =>

3 - Hand ascender must get on and off rope on your left.


Long answer:

The chest ascender always opens to the right, therefore you can't put anything on the right side of the croll, because it would cause serious problems when you try to open the chest ascender. In other words: the cow's tail MUST be on the left side. If you use a right-handed hand ascender you will get your ascender on and off rope on the right side. If you reproduce this movement you can see that the long cow's tail will then become wrapped around the main rope. To avoid this you need to get on and off rope to your left side regardless of the ascender you use. With a right-handed one you will always need to pay attention to this. Also, after opening the ascender with your right hand you need to change hands to put it away to your left side. A left handed ascender frees you from all this pain, because you get the ascender off and on rope naturally on a way that it ensures that you won't get tangled up on your equipment.